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Our customized technology solutions support universities, colleges, schools of all sizes. Our solutions are compliant with New Education Policy wherein we empower students, faculty and management to collaborate and capitalize the insights effectively resulting in imparting high quality education to students through personalized learning experiences.

What is Technology user?

Simply said, Technology Solution make education easier by bringing the entire education system online. CI24’s Institution management Software – ACAD24 empowers the professional  to manage/track the entire organization operations rights from students, teaching staff, Non-teaching staff, vendors, accounts, transport, hostel and much more, all just kilck to connect.

Why Technology in Education Domain?

Technology solutions will help bridge the divide by ensuring that everyone, No matter which department, grade, productive and nonproductive staffs and management are all at a distance of Klick only. Instant statistical analysis on the proceeding and take a corrective decision based on the outcome. An opportunity spend less on the paper works and be more proactive towards education alone.

When is the right time to implement Technology Solutions?

The world accelerates towards perfection and stability in all sectors via data driven Technology, why not education sectors pull out the show right now. CI24 has the perfect combination of the methodology, strategy and innovation oriented institutions management software – ACAD24 to meet up all educations requirements at the preferred time and affordable cost. It’s not a tool, it’s going to be a habit from now.

How Technology supports Education Fraternity?

Acad24 relives the academicians from their operational task and provides more space to enhance the quality of education and create the future of our nations. Analyze and plan the corrective actions all at one KlicK. Empowered with artificial intelligence makes the outcome based learning more effective. An atmosphere to implement tradition education with the ingredients of technology.

Klick to know

Acad24 with 55 modules

Customizable Dashboard

Personalize your dashboard to suit your studying style.

Messaging System

Secured internal communication along with all formats of data

Human Resource Management

Schedule and track interviews, appointments and appraisals and much more

Report Center

Generate around 1001 reports and export to any required format

Custom Student Remarks

Want to address a batch or just one student? Make it happen

Events & Calendar Management

Plan out your events and set timely reminders to get it all done.

Bus Management

Know which bus is travelling where and through which route


Show case your institution to potential customers and eager visitors


Take polls across institutions at glance and get instant results

Enquiry Management

Organize and manage queries on importance and priority levels.

Fees Import

Import any type of Fee structure and align the fee as per the defined structure

API Access

Biometric and GPS can be integrated and Link up any existing software to our tool

Alumni Management

Keep track of ex-students for alumni meetings and sending mails

Vendor Management

Manage your vendors, Performa invoice, purchase order and much more

News Management

Do you like getting all the news at once? Or in little snippets? Anything is possible.

Student Attendance Management

Take attendance of your students and maintain reliable records for easy tracking.

Fees Management

Create all types of fee instantly along with Automatic information updates and remainders

Employee and Teacher Login

A separate login for teachers and employees to allow secure communication

Certificate Generator

Design a certificate with the 1001 templates and Zero down the expense

Student Assignment Management

Manage the assignments of hundreds of students and assign them marks

Data Management

Organize, save, and update all the necessary information to run your institution


Organize open, group, one to one discussion forums and much more


Set the theme of your institution and Customize tool with any look and feel.

Custom Import

Import and update all the needed student, teachers, and staff information

Instant Fees

Create instant Fee at any time and Map the instant fee to any category

Payment Gateway Integration

Any Payment gateway can be integrated with invoice/receipt generation


Update your blog to let readers know about new events and happenings

Accounts Management

Manage all your accounts activity, raise invoice and track the payment

Timetable Management

Manage your exam routines and class schedules without getting overwhelmed.

Courses and Batches

Know what courses are assigned to which class and batches. Store data only a click away

Exam Management

Manage the exams of hundreds of students at the same time.

Students and Parents Login

A separate login for parents and students customized for their use.

ID Card Generator

Create ID Cards for all your students, visitors, staff, teachers, with a klick.

Hostel Management

Manage the incoming, outgoing, and stay of your hostel students and staff

Inventory Management

Check the materials you have and the things needed to run your school smoothly

Task Management

Delegate and manage tasks for better performance


Maintain discipline by assigning points across the board to students

Data Export

Bulk export of any module with implementing User rights restriction

Online Exam

Upload N number of questions and map the relevant students

Email Integration

Set up customized or automatic emails for teachers, parents, and staff.

Push notification

Popups on the smart phone with options to schedule your notifications

Multi Institution Management

Manage all the operation across institutions powered with statists and analytics

Admission Management

Keep track of new students and their profiles and focus on conversion

Customizable Dashboard

Personalize your dashboard to suit your studying style.

User Management

Keep track of all users for better administration and limit the access

Student Information Management

Monitor the students’ academics, attendance and whatever you want attendance

SMS Integration

Automated SMS Alerts along with an add on of Whatsapp broadcasting

Student Placement Management

Keep track of the number of students getting placed and where

Approval Management

Design your own approval criteria and Set multi-level approvals

Applicant Registration

Create any kind of application forms and Track the applicants digitally

Custom Report

1001 pre-defined reports available and options to generate more

Mobile App

Exclusive app for parents, students and teachers with their limitations

Form Builder

Create all types of Forms and also monitor the response to plan the proceedings

Payroll Management

Process salary for the staff along with auto Generation of payslip and fund management

Invoice Management

Generate invoices of all kinds, Auto calculate the taxes and much more