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Analytics reveals that more than 200 million education institute are across the globe. Mathematical derivation says this equals to an average of one institute in every square kilometre of the global land mass. This is what our market size is, with a Need of Institution Management System (IMS). CI24 provides the platform for our partners to expand their business and grow with us.

How does partnering program works?

Choose the types of partnering available with CI24 and apply. Complete an Extended Training Course with us. Evaluate Client Needs and Our Solutions. Meet with Potential Customers. Fix up an appointment and introduce the team CI24. And start your business journey.

Who can partner with CI24?

Are you an IT company that provides Service to Educational Institutions, or a Business Application Service Providers, or Education Consultants and Advisors, or IT and App Consultants and Providers, or Education Solution provider, or Passionate Education Service providers, All are welcomed to join the CI24.

What benefits can the partner’s guaranteed?

The endless list start from, Exceptional profitability, Earn Significant remunerations, extended Service Offerings to your Clients, Expanded Marketing Opportunities, Differentiates Your Business, No Financial Investment or Program Fees, No Extended Commitments, Sell Specific Product Feature,  Integration with Existing Systems and much more.

Business Partner

Partnering with us gives you a robust service revenue opportunity that increases your profitability and helps differentiate you from your competitors. We’ll give you the resources you need to deliver the right automation solutions to your customers. Awarded with exclusivity for more than 10 regions.

  • Marketing materials
  • Workshop on product
  • Exclusive portal
  • Loyalty program
  • Exclusive franchise

Regional Partner

Trust and transparency are crucial for building a strong and mutually beneficial partnership. Play in your comfort zone with your strong networking. Our Regional partners resell CI24’s solutions with in their stimulated regions. Co-Branding and joint marketing are the supports available in the kart.

  • Joint marketing
  • Access to all the solutions
  • Marketing collateral
  • Cross selling
  • Dedicated customer support



Associate Partner

CI24 comes with over 55 different modules, and this gives you a tremendous opportunity to cater to the whole education domain, rather than a specific department or group of employees. Opportunity to represent the market arena on behalf.

  • Co-Branding
  • Establish new connections
  • Add on services
  • No risk factors
  • Assured credibility

Referral Partner

Referral Partners introduce the CI24’s IMS-acad24 to potential clients and in return, we compensate the partner with a generous referral fee once the prospect becomes a paying customer. There is no need to worry about a product offering or technical support.

  • No investment
  • No Technical knowledge
  • Need not travel
  • No follow ups for closure
  • No boundary restriction

On Boarding

Onboard with 24 hrs and start working with our team

Digital Marketing

Get our experts to assist for branding, lead generation and conversion

System customization

Your customer’s specific customizations are taken on top priority


As partner you have all rights to use our logo onto your website and vies versa

Partnership Certificate

A digital partnership certificate will be provide as per the agreement

Marketing Materials

Access to all our marketing’s collaterals and demo presentation on time

Technical Support

Complete free hand to focus on only new leads, the technical part is our responsibility

Auto Up-gradation

Any upgradtion in tool from CI24 would be reflect to all the clients irrespectively