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With the quick jump in the graph of the education institutions counting across pan India, the implementation of new education policies and the validation of the gained knowledge via entrance Examination have paved way towards exam facilitation. Which allows the students to appear for their exams at their home town. CI24 plays the vital role to meet the needs with in the TAT.

What is Exam facilitation?

Exam facilitation is similar to leasing out the in fracture over a period of time and get remuneration for the same. For some examination it’s just the class room and for some it would include the lab facilities also. The institution staff would also have an opportunity of invigilating the national and international examination.

Why to associate for Exam facilitation?

First and fore most objective of associating for the exam facilitation is creating a brand awareness and one of the marketing actives. So that the outsider gets a glimpse of your infrastructure and facilities which would be converted to the student recruitment in the coming intakes. Finally the spot remuneration to boost up the revenue.

When to act upon Exam facilitation?

With the increase in the qualifier examination, we have the opportunity to co-host the examinations round the calendar at frequent intervals. It’s the institutions to choose the dates from the available date and time slot based on their internal requirements and scheduled events for the academic year.

How Exam facilitation are carried out?

Initially the institutions are requested to share a virtual tour of your class rooms, lab facilities, power back, server facilities, water arrangements, waiting hall, parking area and rest room. Based on the facilities condition and travel accessibility the institutions are allotted with the centre status, students count, slot, and days.

Venue Acquisition

Based on the exams accountability, requirement and duration, CI24 proposes the institutions who have been associated for the accommodation of the same. Based on the availability CI24 allocates the slots and executes the examinations

  • Class rooms
  • Computer laboratory
  • Coaching Institutions

IT Support

For any finalized centers the examination bodies are in need of the auditing in terms of the IT infrastructure and the project campus facilities. CI24 facilitates the required skilled IT persons to ensure the process have been in line with the terms and condition

  • Software installation
  • Server monitoring
  • Trouble shooting

Invigilation Facilitation

Upon completions of auditing now it’s time for the blind fold or double blind invigilation to avoid any kind of mal practice to retain the standard and quality of the examination purpose. CI24 with its vast networking in the education domain make it simple.

  • Invigilation staffs
  • Technical and non-technical staff
  • Center operations