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With everything being digital around us people find more and more ways to transform every bit digitally. Understanding the Need of the hour, CI24 provides the collaborative approach towards monetizing all your events in the digital space. Indirectly setting the market place globally for your brand.

What is Event digitization?

As the name suggests, integrating digital transformation in your Event is what we call Event Digitization. It could be different events like conferences, educational seminars, competitions, etc. Digital transformation is a way to strengthen the participants and to get closer to your audience globally. Event Digitization is something people opt to have in their daily activities.

Why Event digitization is need of the hour?

The prime reason for the need for Event Digitisation is saving time and money. People avoid their expenses from traveling from one place to another. Instead of wasting their time on the tour, they can use that on something productive. Moreover, you can connect with different people from different cultures effortlessly.

When did Event digitization cherish?

Now when did this concept came into our daily lives? This massive transformation happened after the Covid-19 pandemic. People could not step out for meetings or events. And that’s when they understood the need for Event Digitization. This paved the gateway towards conversation of the physical events to the digital space and generate more revenue.

How Event digitization functions?

This whole concept was and still is successful because of the acceptance of the current scenario and the time constraints. CI24 provides event in box, which takes care of registration, article management, review system, hall allocation, scheduling time slot, pre-production, post production, live coverage, live telecasting, online ticket selling, and much more.


e-Conference is an digital version of all your national and international conference. E-Conference are very cost effective models, with global Connectivity, eco-friendly and most importantly the one of outclass revenue models of the recent years with minimal investment. CI24 takes the responsibilities of all the challenges and operational activities with its end-to-end solutions.

  • Commit formation and management
  • Promotional activities
  • Live streaming and hosting
  • Facilitate International speakers
  • Publication of Conference proceedings
  • Online ticket sales


Did you know that journal publication is one of the prime elements in any accreditation? Keeping and maintain a quality journal boosts the reputation of the educational institutions. However, by joining hands with CI24, you can switch to e-Journal, which is uncomplicated and facile to use. Have a look at few highlights of our platform:

  • Author and Peer Reviewer management
  • Article Management
  • Inbuilt Plagiarism tool
  • Publication Management
  • Handle multiple review methodology
  • Payment integration

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are the events that are happening physically in a designated venue. However, it is also telecast live or, in few cases, a little later. For Instance, the YouTube Fanfest takes place every year. Some enjoy it at the auditorium, while others are watching it live on their phones. We CI24 can telecast your Event globally and raise revenue through online ticket selling.

  • Organise channel partners globally
  • Facilitate the Broadcasting Associates
  • Hosting and live telecast of the event
  • Video coverage of the complete physical event
  • Branding of the event
  • Revenue generation via online participants


A webinar is a combination of two words that are web and seminar. Webinar means any Seminar that takes place over the web. It is useful when you are addressing a large audience. A webinar is the best solution for people who have time constraints. CI24 with its success record of conducting enormous seminar and webinars are your best associates.

  • Facilitating the key speakers
  • Hosting and live telecast of the Webinar/Seminar
  • Rope in the target audience
  • Tie ups with the relevant governing bodies
  • Lead generations
  • Revenue generation